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Nothing New

Three of us once again headed up to try and fill our deer tags. We have about an hour drive, so we left around 4:30 a.m. It was a little above average morning temperature wise; which is not what you want when you are getting ready to climb a mountain. Honestly, most of the time I am hiking up the mountain I wish it was about 10 degrees. I hate that climb so bad. It’s really not that far, but the angle/steepness is awful. The morning started slow. There were three deer seen by 7:30, a spike at 8:30, and then three more around 10:00. Those deer bedded about 70 yards from the stand, but nothing came of it.

The nine o’clock hour brought the most excitement. I heard a short deep roar from a bear…I’m assuming. It was pretty cool to hear, but I was bored from lack of deer movement. Then my mind starts to wonder. I start thinking about all the YouTube videos where the bears climb into hunters treestands. Last year on our property we had two young bears climb our tree and the one right beside it to check out one of our hunters. So, my mind is wondering at what point would I pull the trigger if a big bear is trying to climb into my stand. I never did come up with an answer. I guess you have to be in the moment to figure it out. Overall, it was very slow.

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